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R&D Singapore has been at the leading edge of many Nestlé inventions and contributed significantly to innovation and renovation for many global brands to deliver nutrition, health and wellness to consumers.

Amongst the many patented technologies that were industrialized by R&D Singapore are the MAGGI Liquid Seasoning in China and MAGGI Low Fat Noodles in Malaysia.

Nestlé R&D Singapore scientists have been at the forefront of many Nestlé inventions, and contributed significantly to renovation and innovation for many global brands, with recent product innovations such as:

  • MAGGI Masala, magic spice seasoning fortified with vitamin A, iron and iodine, a popularly positioned product launched in India
  • MAGGI Vegetable Atta, a wholegrain noodle with real vegetables launched in India and Bangladesh
  • MAGGI Sajian Keluarga family noodle fortified with iron, a popularly positioned product launched in Malaysia
  • MILO B-Smart, reduced fat and sugar launched in Australia
  • MAGGI Bouillon with reduced salt in Malaysia and Singapore
  • MAGGI Low Fat Noodles launched in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia
  • MAGGI Saus Kreasiip delicious cooking sauce launched in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Yang Sheng Le concentrated herbal soup, a partnership between MAGGI and Eu Yan Sang, launched in Singapore

As a centre, R&D Singapore has received numerous recognitions internally and outside as a result of our innovative spirit. To name a few:

  • SIFST Best Product Award (2009-2011) and Best Asean Product Award for YANG SHENG LE Concentrated Herbal Soup, launched in Singapore
  • Nestlé Research award for Innovation Partnership in 2010

The Packaging and Design team at R&D Singapore is responsible for innovative packaging solutions in the areas of sustainability, affordability and consumer experience, and has won several awards in product packaging, most notably the Asia Star 2008 for MAGGI Chef’s Secret and Asia Star 2009 for YANG SHENG LE. The most recent achievement is the Nestlé Research Award for a novel dispenser which represents a new route to market.