Veterinary Drugs

Veterinary Drugs

Nitrofuran Metabolites

Determination of four metabolites of Nitrofuran antibiotics (AH, AOZ, AMOZ & SEM) in food at the sub-ppb level by LC-MSMS. The method has been fully validated in meat powder dairy products and honey following the European Union (EU) criteria for the analysis of veterinary drugs residues in food.


Determination of Chloramphenicol (CAP) in dairy, meat, cereal and honey products by LC-MSMS at sub-ppb level.

Beta-Agonist (Clenbuterol & Ractopamine)

Determination of Clenbuterol & Ractopamine in UHT milk, fresh and meat products by LC-MSMS. The method corresponds to the Chinese Standard “GB/T 22286-2008 determination of beta-agonists residues in foodstuff of animal origin-Liquid chromatography with tandem-mass spectrometric method”.

**For any other vet drug you may need please contact us as we have screening methods that cover a larger scope.