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MAGGI Chawan-Mushi

MAGGI Chawan-Mushi
Preparation Time 15 mins Servings 5 persons


4 Eggs (50g each)
5 slices Japanese fish cakes
10 Gingko nuts
5 fresh Shitake mushrooms
50g Cooked chicken meat cubes

Stock (Mix Together)

500ml Warm water
20g MAGGI Less Salt Concentrated Chicken Stock
2 tsp Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) - optional


1. Beat eggs, add in the stock mix and blend well.
2. Strain the egg mixture into 5 steaming bowl, place into the steamer and steam over medium-low heat for about 10 mins.
3. Add fish cakes, gingko nuts, mushrooms and chicken, continue to steam for another 5 mins. Turn off flame.
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