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Nai Bai and Ginko Nuts with Vegetarian Sauce

Nai Bai and Ginko Nuts with Vegetarian Sauce
Preparation Time 20 mins Servings 4 persons


350g Nai Bai
100g Gingko nuts, pulp removed and boiled
15g White fungus, soaked and drained
1 tbsp Wolfberry fruits, soaked
1 tbsp Cooking Oil

Seasoning Sauce (Mix Together)

1 ½ tbsp MAGGI Concentrated Vegetarian Stock
2 tsp MAGGI Seasoning (No Added MSG)
1 tbsp Corn flour
200ml Water


1. Boil some water add in 1 tbsp cooking oil and a pinch of salt. Pour in Nai Bai and blanch till soft. Remove, drain and run through cold water. Squeeze out the excess water and arrange on a plate.
2. Bring the seasoning sauce to boil. Add in white fungus. Boil till tender, dish out and arrange over the Nai Bai.
3. Pour gingko nuts into the remaining sauce, boil till the gingko nuts are cooked. Dish up and pour over the white fungus.
4. Boil again the sauce, add in wolfberry fruits and stir well, pour the sauce over the gingko nuts, serve.
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