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Teochew Fish Porridge

Teochew Fish Porridge
Preparation Time 30 mins Servings 4 persons


500g White pomfret (Sliced)
300g Long Grain Rice (washed and drained)
5 Rice Bowls Water


1½ tbsp MAGGI Less Salt Concentrated Chicken Stock
1 tsp Preserved Vegetables (Dong Cai)
½ tbsp Garlic Oil
A dash White Grounded Pepper


1 tbsp Fried Flat Fish
1 tsp Fried Shallots
1 stalk Spring Onion (Chopped)
1 stalk Coriander leaves (cut into sections)


1. Bring 5 rice bowls of water to boil. Add in the rice and boil till 80% cooked.
2. Add in the white pomfret slices and continue to cook till boiling, season with MAGGI Less Salt Concentrated Chicken Stock, garlic oil and white ground pepper.
3. Scoop the fish porridge into bowls and sprinkle the garnishing, serve hot.
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