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Joy of Reunion

Joy of Reunion
Preparation Time 45 minutes Servings 10-15 persons


150g Prawns (snip off spikes, use a toothpick to remove veins)
10 Fish balls
60 Fish maw (soak in hot water and cut into pieces)
10 Crab sticks
150g Sea cucumber (soaked and sliced)
1 tin Abalone (sliced)
150g Carrot (peeled, cut into chunks)
200g Enoki mushrooms (remove roots)
200g “Tang Or” vegetables (washed)


4 cubes MAGGI HCS Less Salt Chicken Stock Cube
2 litre Water
½ tbsp Garlic oil


1. Bring water to boil, add in MAGGI stock cube and still till cube dissolve. Add in carrot till cooked.
2. Add fish maw and sea cucumber, boil till soft.
3. Add in fish balls, prawns and crab stick. Cook through then add in abalone.
4. Add in Enoki mushrooms, “Tang Or” vegetables and garlic oil before serving.
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