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Process Contaminants

Process Contaminants


Determination of low levels of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD by GC-MS using stable isotopes internal standards in various food products and ingredients (e.g. Culinary products, Hydrolysed vegetable protein(HVP), soup and stocks, stock cubes, malt extracts, chicory.).

2-&3- MCPD and Glycidyl

Determination of fatty acid esters of 2-MCPD, 3-MCPD and Glycidyl in edible oils, fats, infant formula, and cereal. This method is based on AOCS Official Methods Cd 29a-13 and uses an US FDA approach for fat extraction and quantification.


Determination of Acrylamide by LC-MSMS using stable isotope internal standard in processed food and processed raw materials (e.g roasted coffee, breakfast cereal, infant cereal, coffee soya, confectionary products, infant formula, instant noodles.)


Determination of Sulfite (Sulfur Dioxide) in foods by reversed-phase ion-paired liquid chromatography with post-column detection. The method is applicable to spices, seasoning, Sucrose, Flavor, Modified Starch, Fruits & Berries, Liquid coffee drink.


Semi-quantitative method to determine gluten wheat, rye or barley in raw materials and finished products by using ELISA test kits. Matrices that applicable are infant cereal, baby food puree, milk free infant formula, yogurt, chocolate, seasoning, and sugar.


Semi-quantitative method to determine casein in various food matrices by ELISA test kits. Matrix covered: rinsed water, rice-based infant cereal, lactose-free infant cereal, cocoa powder, coffee, tea, sugar, ice cream

Melamine & Cyanuric Acid

Quantitative determination of melamine and cyanuric acid in raw milk and milk powders by LC-MSMS using stable isotope internal standards. The method scope extends to cereals, coffee, tea, fruits & vegetables, cocoa, confectionary, pet food, meat powder, spices, culinary sauces.

Nitrogenous Compounds

Multi residue method for the quantitative determination of 14 nitrogenous compounds (melamine-like) by LC-MS/MS. This method is validated for infant formula, dairy raw material, high protein meal, cereal, meat powder, fish powder.