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Pan-fried Minced Meat with Water Chestnut Patties

Pan-fried Minced Meat with Water Chestnut Patties
Preparation Time 30 mins Servings 4 persons


250g Chicken Breast Meat (skinned and minced)
50g Carrot
5 Dried mushrooms (soaked and diced)
6 Water Chestnut (peel and diced)
1 stalk Spring Onion (diced)
1 Egg White (beaten)
Adequate Cooking Oil for pan-frying

Seasoning Sauce

1 tbsp MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock (Healthier Choice, Less Salt)
2 tsp MAGGI Premium Oyster Sauce (Healthier Choice, Less Salt)
1 tsp MAGGI Seasoning (No Added MSG)
½ tsp White Ground Pepper
½ tsp Sugar
1 tbsp Corn flour (add in 1 tbsp water and combine well)


1. Combine minced chicken with seasoning sauce and egg white evenly.
2. Add in carrot, mushrooms, water chestnut and spring onion. Mix well.
3. Mould into meat patties.
4. Heat up cooking oil in frying pan and pan-fry the meat patties till both sides become golden brown.
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