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Nestlé R&D Centre Singapore

R&D Centre at Singapore  

Nestlé opened its first Asian R&D Centre in Singapore in 1982. Formerly known as Eastreco (Pte) Ltd, R&D Singapore was opened in response to the fast economic growth in the region and chosen for its well-connected infrastructure, political and economic stability, and multi-cultural society.

Today, R&D Singapore is responsible for product development of NESCAFÉ White Coffee Cup and MILO globally, and the Ambient Culinary business regionally. Our strategic geographical location in the heart of Asia also enables R&D Singapore to efficiently and effectively provide Innovation & Renovation (I&R) support to our Asian and Oceania businesses. In addition to our R&D role, the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center (NQAC) also ensures quality assurance of products for the region.

R&D Singapore is a partner in Nestlé’s global network of 30 Product Technology Centres and R&D Centres. R&D Singapore employs approximately 120 people, and has a multicultural environment (20 different nationalities) of food scientists, technologists, engineers, packaging experts and other technical staff.

Dr. Roberto Reniero is currently the Managing Director of R&D Singapore.