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Front of Pack Labelling

What is FOP (Front of Pack) Labelling for Energy?

Front of Pack Labelling for Energy is an at-a-glance label that tells you the amount of energy (expressed in kcal) a particular food contains and how it contributes to your recommended daily requirements (2000 kcal). It is a good management tool that makes planning as healthy balanced diet, much easier.

How can I use FOP (Front of Pack) Labelling to plan a healthier diet?

An average adult needs about 2000 kcal a day. A serving of the pictured beverage provides 104kcal, only 5% of the recommended daily energy requirement for an average individual. To achieve 100% of the recommended daily energy requirement, you need to eat a variety of foods throughout the day.
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Good to know
FOP Labelling for Energy is a guideline and should be referred to as such, not a target. Try to stay within the boundaries of the recommended daily requirement of 2000 kcal. It’s good to stay aware of what you are eating and try to balance each meal in a day.

Are energy requirements the same for everyone?

Energy requirements vary from person to person depending on age, gender and how much activity is carried out. Of course the energy requirements for adult men and women are different. People who are very active require more energy than those who are inactive. Children aged between 5 to 10 may also have lower energy needs as compared to adults. The FOP Labelling for Energy is a good indicator of the food product’s energy content and makes the gauging process easier to do.