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Seven things you didn’t know about ice cream

At Nestlé, we love ice cream. From low calorie treats to gourmet flavours, we’re always developing tastier and healthier choices for our consumers around the world.

women eating ice cream

Our ice cream brands are amongst our best performing businesses: Skinny Cow offers a range of low calorie ice cream treats, whilst premium brands such as Mövenpick and Häagen-Dazs provide luxury tastes for ice cream fans who want something a little different.

There’s a lot to explore in the world of ice cream. Here are seven things you may not know:


1. Could avalanches hold the key to better ice cream?

snowy mountains

The arrangement of ice crystals in snow can have a significant influence on its stability and the likelihood of avalanches.

Ice crystals that form in boxed ice cream can affect its texture and structure in a similar way. That’s why Nestlé scientists teamed up with avalanche experts to study them.

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2. Want to reduce fat? Spread it out.

a tub of Edy's Slow Churned Caramel Delight

How does Dreyer’s Slow Churned ice cream combine great taste with lower fat?

Our scientists spent more than 10 years researching and developing a process that spreads fat particles more widely in the ice cream mixture, making half the fat go twice as far.

This means Dreyer’s Slow Churned has one third of the calories of regular ice cream, but the same rich, creamy flavour.

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3. Ice cream and…salmon?

a plate of sorbet and salmon

The chefs at Mövenpick ice cream take cuisine very seriously. Their creative flavours can be enjoyed as savoury accompaniments as well as desserts.

Why not try salmon alongside a scoop of lemon and lime sorbet? Or how about prawns, risotto and a dash of pistachio ice cream?

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4. Skimmed milk from the Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow ice cream

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, cones, tubs and bars are all 150 calories or less per 100g, and low in fat.

Even the most indulgent flavours, such as Cookies and Cream or Chocolate Peanut Butter, are rich in taste but with fewer calories, thanks to the skimmed milk that goes into making each product. Skinny Cow is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

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5. Putting ice cream in the paws of our pals

a dog eating ice cream

Which flavour of ice cream do dogs prefer? Peanut butter, according to research by Nestlé Purina.

But regular ice cream is not suitable for dogs, as they are naturally lactose intolerant and can’t digest dairy products properly.

That’s why Frosty Paws was developed as a frozen treat for our canine companions. The ice cream ingredients include protein, vitamins, minerals and a vanilla yoghurt coating, but no milk, to ensure the product is appropriate for doggy diets.

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6. Ice cream goes bananas


What’s the point of ice cream if isn’t fun to eat?

That’s what our scientists were thinking when they developed the world’s first ice cream that can be peeled - just like a banana.

Our peelable ice cream is low in fat, low in sugar and free from artificial colouring, making it a suitable treat for little monkeys everywhere...

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7. Made for the sunshine, by the sunshine

Coppa del Nonno ice cream

When you think of ice cream, you probably imagine sunny weather.

Well so do we, especially in Italy, where we’re using the sun’s rays to produce our popular Coppa del Nonno brand.

Our factory in Ferentino has a unique energy system that uses three different solar power technologies to create enough energy to power the entire Coppa del Nonno ice cream production line.

So Italians can enjoy their favourite ice cream in the sun, made by the sun!

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