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Product Exchange for MILO LESS SUGAR Ready-to-Drink

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MILO Singapore is initiating a product exchange for a single batch of our MILO LESS SUGAR Ready-To-Drink 200ml product with the batch code 21489536BB. No other MILO Ready-To-Drink product is impacted by this exchange and this product is distributed only in Singapore.

MILO Less Sugar Ready-to-Drink

We have analyzed the product samples and while there is a sour taste deviation, we confirm that there is no risk to health or safety should the product be consumed.

As a precautionary measure, we are carrying out a product exchange on this specific batch of MILO LESS SUGAR Ready-To-Drink 200ml. This product exchange covers only products with a specific batch code that you can find on the label.

MILO Less Sugar Ready-to-Drink 200ml (Batch code: 21489536BB)

To identify the affected batch code accurately, please refer to the top of the pack and ensure all the numbers and letters match with the reference picture.

Product Exchange for MILO LESS SUGAR Ready-to-Drink

If you have purchased the product listed above, please call our Nestlé consumer services hotline at 800 6011 633 or email [email protected] for the product exchange.

We are investigating the possible root cause of this taste deviation incident.

The safety and wellbeing of our consumers remain our utmost priority and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience experienced.