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Enjoy a Refreshing Treat with 2 Exciting New Flavours from NESCAFÉ®

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NESCAFÉ® two exciting limited-edition coffee flavours – Coconut Latte and Peach Latte

SINGAPORE, 20 SEPTEMBER 2023 – For the first time ever, NESCAFÉ® will be unveiling two exciting limited-edition coffee flavours – Coconut Latte and Peach Latte. Launched in conjunction with International Coffee Day, the two unique flavours offer an opportunity for existing coffee lovers to embark on a journey of discovering novel and refreshing taste profiles, while also inviting non-coffee drinkers to explore the world of coffee through the combination of aromatic coffee with fruity flavours.

The NESCAFÉ® Coconut Latte is a delightful brew of rich, aromatic coffee with a tropical twist, resulting in a smooth, velvety blend that transports you to a sunny beach getaway. On the other hand, the NESCAFÉ® Peach Latte combines the boldness of coffee with the refreshing sweetness of succulent peach, creating a harmonious balance that invigorates your senses with every sip. Made with real coconut milk and real peach juice, the NESCAFÉ® Coconut Latte and NESCAFÉ® Peach Latte are best served over ice – perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up. Served in a convenient sachet format, consumers can enjoy this refreshing treat from NESCAFÉ® in mere seconds.

Cyndi Chin, Business Manager for Coffee, Nestlé Singapore, shared, “Having noticed a rise in trendy, new flavours in the global coffee scene, we are thrilled to introduce these special flavours to our consumers in celebration of International Coffee Day. We believe that these new products will be a hit amongst Singaporeans who are looking for a unique and refreshing coffee experience. Go savour our innovative new coffees and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!”

From 25 September 2023 onwards, the NESCAFÉ® Coconut Latte and Peach Latte will be available at all major supermarkets and e-retailers, for a limited time only while stocks last, at a recommended retail price of S$4.00 a box (5 sachets/box). Do not miss this incredible opportunity to try out refreshing new coffee flavours and create a unique coffee experience right in your own homes.

Created in 1938, NESCAFÉ® has been serving high quality coffee to consumers all around the globe for decades. Known for its tantalizing aroma and distinctive full-bodied taste, NESCAFÉ® is enjoyed in over 18 countries and has become the world’s favorite coffee today.

From the signature aroma of its iconic classic flavours, to the expert craftsmanship of its elevated NESCAFÉ® GOLD series, to the comfort of its endearing Singapore Kopis, NESCAFÉ® offers a wide range of coffees to cater to every unique taste and preference, bringing joy to Singaporeans one aromatic cup of coffee at a time.

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