Winner of the 'Let's Beat Cholesterol' challenge walks away with $10,000 worth of cash and prizes

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Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore,

NESTLÉ NESVITA OMEGA PLUS ACTICOL today announced the sole winner of the month-long 'Let's Beat Cholesterol' Challenge, who walks home with S$10,000 worth of cash and prizes and a cleaner bill of health.

The winner was chosen from amongst 38 qualifying contestants, who were recruited last month, when the challenge was first launched. These contestants started off the challenge by participating in the free public health checks that were available at 8 community centres and selected malls island-wide. These free health checks were introduced by NESTLÉ NESVITA OMEGA PLUS ACTICOL, in partnership with People's Association and Singapore Heart Foundation, in celebration of World Heart Day. They were initiated to encourage Singaporeans to know their hearts better and work proactively towards better heart health.

After the initial health checks, individuals diagnosed with high cholesterol levels were encouraged to join the challenge, which sought to help Singaporeans to lower their blood cholesterol levels, and motivate them to take practical steps towards better heart health.

Each of the 38 qualifying contestants made lifestyle changes, engaging in regular exercise and making healthier diet choices. All contestants also drank two glasses of NESTLÉ NESVITA OMEGA PLUS ACTICOL, (the equivalent of 1.2 grams of plant sterols) daily in a bid to reduce their blood cholesterol levels, as clinical studies have shown that 1.2 grams of plant sterols consumption can lead to the reduction of total cholesterol by up to 7% . After two weeks, 38 qualifying contestants moved on to the elimination round, which was held at White Sands Shopping Centre on 17 October 2010. At the elimination round, only 10 contestants with the highest percentage of cholesterol improvements were chosen to advance to the finals held at Tiong Bahru Plaza today.

The finalists, all who boasted remarkably lowered cholesterol levels ranging from X% to X%, battled it out until the winner was finally unveiled at the Grand Finale prize giving award ceremony by Ms Leelian Chua, Love 97.2Fm Radio Deejay, and Ambassador for NESTLÉ NESVITA OMEGA PLUS ACTICOL.

Aside from getting to know their cholesterol levels at the initial health checks, participants were also tested on their blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage (Karada Scan). They also got acquainted with the first-ever Singapore 'Omega Know Your Heart' Index - an easy-to-use heart status awareness tool, and the Omega Health Card - a pocket-sized health card designed to encourage Singaporeans to keep records of their health information, both of which were also launched at the start of the challenge.

Mr Valerio Nannini, Managing Director of Nestlé Singapore, said, “We are heartened by the overwhelming response to the NESTLÉ NESVITA OMEGA PLUS ACTICOL “Let’s Beat Cholesterol” challenge. We are also proud to bring the Omega Know Your Heart' Index, and the Omega Health Card to all Singaporeans. Through these, we sought to motivate Singaporeans to take better care of their health and heart conditions. The transformations we have witnessed in the participants throughout the course of the challenge, are amazing. We hope that these initiatives benefitted not just to the 38 qualifying contestants of the challenge, nor merely the 3,500 people targeted for the free public health checks. In fact, we hope to have impacted these people’s family and friends as well, in generating greater awareness about their heart and health conditions, and ways to take care of their hearts. We urge more people to take that first step to a healthier you today.”

The winner of the 'Let's Beat Cholesterol’ Challenge walks away with S$10,000 in cash and prizes.