The shape of a wine glass can enhance the experience of a fine wine. Fine chocolate is no different. Like a great wine, we combine the finest ingredients and 190 years of chocolate making expertise to product a depth of flavour like no other.

Inspired by the varying shapes of wine glasses and how it enhances the taste of wine, our Createurs de Chocolat have created two new shapes for a more intense chocolate tasting experience.

Designed to unleash the intensity of the rich aromatic flavors of fine dark chocolate with its sensual curved shape*
Designed to reveal the creaminess of the finest Swiss milk chocolate with its rounded curves that are meant to fit perfectly to your palate*

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. NESTLÉ GOLD is designed especially for your pleasure.

*For the best tasting experience, we recommend eating NESTLÉ GOLD curve side up.

NESTLÉ GOLD Noir Intense
(70% Cocoa )

The perfect harmony between intensity and smoothness. Crafted using selected cocoa beans from West Africa and Ecuador to enhance the intense and authentic taste of fine dark chocolate.

NESTLÉ GOLD Éclats de Cacao
64% Cocoa)

Freshly roasted beans from West Africa and Ecuador are combined with a generous sprinkling of caramelized cocoa pieces to deliver a delightful contrast of textures.

NESTLÉ GOLD Lait Supérieur

Crafted with Swiss Alpine milk from the Gruyere region and real vanilla to reveal the creaminess and smoothness of fine milk chocolate. For a moment of pure indulgence.


The freshest hazelnuts, roasted to perfection, infused into fine milk chocolate for a satisfying crunch in every bite.


Fine honey and almond nougat surrounded by creamy milk chocolate to deliver a sensory euphoria of tastes and textures.