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There’s fast food. And there’s really fast food.

Fast Food

Many of us know the benefits of having breakfast, explained at length in a previous article.

One of the most popular reasons for skipping breakfast is the lack of time in the morning. Here are ten, nutritious 5-minute breakfast recipes for people on the go.

Chicken Sandwich: Spread strips of leftover roasted chicken between two slices of whole meal bread. Add some cucumber and tomatoes.

Eggs and Sausages: One half-boiled egg, 3 cocktail sausages (boiled in water or grilled in a toaster for 1 minute) and a cup of hot beverage.

Smoothie: Blend 1 cup of your favourite fruits, 1/2-cup low-fat or fat-free milk and 1/2-cup low-fat or fat-free yoghurt. Pour into travel cup.

Egg sandwich: Two slices of whole meal bread with hard boiled eggs (mashed or sliced), sliced tomatoes and cucumber. Prepare the egg the night before so it is all ready in the morning!

NESTUM with Fruits: Add fresh (apples, grapes) or dried fruits (raisins, apricots) to your bowl of hot NESTUM + milk. If you’re really pressed for time, try the new NESTUM with Fruits Cereals.

Kopitiam Favourite: 2 slices of wholemeal bread with thin spread of butter and kaya. Toast for a minute! Don’t forget a hot cup of coffee or MILO.

Yoghurt Cup: Pour one-cup low-fat plain or fruit yoghurt in a bowl. Add in cut fresh fruits like bananas or apples or a handful of grapes. You can also top this with 3 tablespoons of whole grain breakfast cereals.

Eggs: Scrambled or sunny side up eggs with tomato sauce. You can add some milk and chopped fresh mushrooms, if you have more time on a weekend. Don’t forget your hot cup of MILO.

Crunchy Fruit Creation:
Mix a small handful of nuts like almonds (whole or sliced), walnuts or cashew nuts with chopped fresh fruits.

Hot Cereal with Fruit:
Mix a single-serving cup of instant hot oatmeal (any flavour) with milk and 2 tablespoons of fruits. Fruits that go great with this are bananas, prunes, grapes or raisins. For variety, you can replace the oatmeal with muesli or breakfast cereals.

With these quick recipes, there’s no reason to give the most important meal of the day a miss again!