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Physical activity, how much do I need?

Any type of physical activity is good if it makes your body works more than usual. Remember, find activity that you can enjoy. And, start slow and gradually increase your level of intensity and frequency.

Here are some suggestions from Health Promotion Board:-

Aerobic activities
- Moderate – do 30 minutes of such activity on 5 days a week.
- Vigorous – do 20 minutes of such activity on 3 days a week.
- Can be performed in three segments of at least 10 minutes each.
- Combine moderate and vigorous activities in a week for more variety.


- Do these on 2 or more days a week.

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Physical activity, how much do i need?
WALKING The Simplest and Best Form of Physical Activity You Can Start
- Aim to brisk walk three times a week if you have just started. Even if you only brisk walk for 10 minutes each time, congratulate yourself.
- For the next week, you may want to try brisk walking 15 minutes each time or walk four times a week. During subsequent weeks, you may want to add other activities to keep the interest up.
*Source – Health Promotion Board

As you become more active and feeling better, consider adding either moderate-intensity or high-intensity physical activities.