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Business Impact

R&D Singapore is Nestlé's leading centre for micronutrient fortification and the development of popularly positioned products.

R&D Singapore is Nestlé's leading centre for development of great tasting culinary and beverage products with nutritional superiority for the Asia Pacific region. We are at the forefront of innovation and renovation that drives taste and nutrition, health and wellness to place our brands ahead of competition. We deliver state-of-the-art knowledge in food science and nutrition to enable us to build on our growth drivers:

  • Our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy includes developing culinary and beverage products that has superior taste and nutrition. As we are supporting developing and emerging markets with huge number of consumers at the bottom of the income pyramid, we focus on creating products with micronutrient fortification to address deficiencies. We have also entered strategic partnerships with leading companies in Traditional Functional ingredients such as Eu Yan Sang in order to design delicious products with goodness of traditional Chinese herbs.
  • We design popularly positioned products that are affordable on a daily basis for emerging consumers who are just starting to buy branded goods. This enables our brands to be more accessible to the general populace.
  • We leverage on the long term growth trend for out of home food consumption by providing science and technology support to our growing Nestlé Professional business.

The Centre plays an important role in developing products that add value for consumers, accelerates business growth and delivers sustainable shareholder value. We are behind big, global brands such as:

  • MAGGI, a leading brand for culinary
  • MILO nutritional beverage
  • Nestlé Nutrition

We continuously lead the consumers forward through bigger, bolder and better innovations. Our passionate inventors bridge science, technology, business and consumer needs and have created successful brands and products that today accounts for billions of additional sales and made consumer lives better.