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DRUMSTICK is one of the popular cones ice cream in Singapore. DRUMSTICK always offers its consumer an adventure in every bite with its range of cones ice cream.

DRUMSTICK Rockin' Hazelnut is the latest addition to the DRUMSTICK premium cone ice cream range. The product features a smooth Créme Brulee flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce and hazelnut paste in a crunchy cone to give you a 'Rockin Adventure' in every bite.

DRUMSTICK Almond Thrill which has a Pecan flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce and top with crushed Almond nuts to give consumer a thrilling sensation with different taste and texture in the cone ice cream.

KIT KAT cone ice cream will surprise you with a KIT KAT wafer finger in the middle of the chocolate ice cream all served in a crunchy sugar cone.

Besides the premium range, DRUMSTICK has also its classic range with new packaging design The classic range now carries 2 products which are Vanilla Classic and Chocolate Classic.

DRUMSTICK Vanilla Classic has a thick layer of chocolate sauce covered with chocolate-coated crushed peanuts as toppings. There are crushed peanuts embedded in the vanilla ice cream throughout the cone to give the consumer a different sensation in every bite.

The other classic cone, DRUMSTICK Chocolate Classic is for "die-hard chocolate fans". The ice cream cone screams chocolate to the last bite! It has thick chocolate sauce with chocolate-coated crushed peanuts on top of chocolate ice cream. Throughout the cone it's generously embedded with dark and white chocolate chips in the chocolate ice cream.