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NESTUM 3in1 Cereal Milk Drink

NESTUM 3in1 Cereal Drink

We hear you that the brand NESTUM has a strong brand equity to many of us in Singapore. For those with fast-paced lifestyles and are looking for a convenient tasty snack, NESTUM 3in1 Cereal Milk Drink is the answer for you. Just pour the sachet content into a 200ml mug of hot water - and there you are - nutritious goodness in a cup served in a jiffy!

NESTUM 3in1 Cereal Milk Drink is low in fat, contains whole grains and are packed with 13 vitamins and minerals. Start every morning with a quick mug of NESTUM 3in1 Cereal Milk Drink!

Also available with Oats.

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