MILO® Gao Kosong

MILO® Gao Kosong

All-new MILO® Gao Kosong

In line with the national agenda to reduce sugar intake, MILO® unveils the world’s first MILO® powder with no added table sugar.

MILO® Gao Kosong retains the signature MILO® taste with naturally occurring goodness from milk and malt, for Singaporeans looking to enjoy their favourite beverage without the sweetness.

With no artificial or natural sweeteners and natural goodness from more milk and malt, MILO® Gao Kosong has higher levels of protein and serves as a source of calcium, offering nutritional benefits for Singaporeans. It is also endorsed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) under its Healthier Choice Symbol programme.

MILO® Gao Kosong is now available at all major supermarkets, minimarts, provision stores and online supermarkets. The recommended retail price for this new beverage is at S$7.95 per 750g powder pack.

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