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Sponsorships and MILO Van Requests

Nestlé actively participates and supports meaningful and relevant community projects and activities that promote nutrition, health and wellness.

For MILO van requests, please send us the relevant details for consideration at least two months prior to event:
  • Date of event
  • Venue of event (incl. layout)
  • Start & end time of event
  • Event Brief
  • Estimated/ past turnout
  • Suggested MILO van timing (max 3 hours from arrival to departure)
  • Sponsorship proposal, if applicable
  • Other beverage sponsors, if applicable
All MILO vans are deployed on sponsorship basis; we do not charge for sending the van nor allow renting for private functions or events. Please note that sales of any Nestlé sponsored products and MILO van drinks are strictly prohibited. Nestlé reserves the right to reject incomplete requests.

Please send your sponsorships and MILO van requests to [email protected]. Attachments, if any, should be less than 1MB.

We will respond to your requests within 2 to 3 weeks. We do appreciate your understanding on this matter.