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Your body weight & your health

Your Body Weight & Your Health

Body weight is an outcome of ongoing lifestyle that includes long term changes of what you eat and how much you do, in term of physical activity. In other words, it is about balancing the calories you eat and calories you use to move your body.

Why it's important to monitor body weight?
Excessive fat in the body could increase risk of chronic diseases e.g. type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain type of cancers. On the other hand, underweight is also unhealthy as it may cause health problem such as anemia and low bone mass.

How to maintain healthy body weight?
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a reliable indicator of body fatness and been used widely to monitor weight status that could lead to health problem. Healthy BMI should fall within range 18.9 - 24.9. Calculate your BMI by dividing weight (kg) to the square of height (m2).

Too much of body fat located around the stomach found to be associated with incidences of chronic diseases. Waist circumference is a simple way to measure abdominal fat and should be <90cm (35") for men and <80cm (32") for women.
Good to know
Easy tips to maintain healthy weight:
Never skip breakfast.
Eat and chew your food slowly before swallowing.
Watch the portion size of your meal.

Choose more whole grain food.
Limit intake of sweetened beverage
Be physically active every day.