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Keep your body moving!

Keep Your Body Moving!

In today's world, we work like a machine, sitting for long hours at our workstations, attending endless meetings, etc. No matter how busy your life is, there is always time where you can slot in simple exercises in-between your routine, such as stretching.

Good to know
Why do you need to stretch?
Every little movement that you make will burn calories. Even in small amounts, it can deliver great benefits to your health. Regular stretching offers the following benefits:
• Increased flexibility, especially joints
• Improved blood circulation
• Good posture
• Minimize lower back pain
• Enhance self-esteem

How Frequently Do You Need To Stretch?
Do it for about 2 - 3 times a week, and 4 repetitions (sets) each time. Include different stretches to work the different muscle groups such as legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders and arms.

How to Start?
No matter how busy you are with your work schedule, you can always slot in stretching exercises in-between your routine.

General Precaution!

  • Start off gradually and go with the flexibility of your body from time to time
  • Drink sufficient water