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Nestlé Singapore Statement

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Reference is made to several stories in the media on the healthfulness of the global Nestlé business portfolio based on a report quoted by Financial Times. Please note that the Financial Times article in question does not refer to the entire scope of the Nestlé global portfolio. The 60% alluded to in that article excludes many important parts of the Nestlé global business that account for about half of the global sales such as infant nutrition, specialized health products, pet food and others. These categories are often strictly regulated.

We believe that our wide portfolio of brands and categories positively contributes to the health and wellness of the communities we serve around the world.

We upgrade our products constantly to improve their nutritional profile. All of our products meet the highest quality standards in Singapore and around the world. We add in many of our products ingredients such as whole grain, protein, fibers, calcium, vitamins and other micronutrients. We are also constantly acting to reduce sugars and sodium in our existing products when relevant. There are multiple examples of this across all brands and portfolio, and in Singapore, majority of our products are Healthier Choice-certified.

Providing a wide set of nutritional choices while promoting sustainable, active and healthy lifestyles is at the heart of our purpose and values. We also believe that a healthy and varied diet can integrate categories like chocolate and other indulgent offerings, when consumed in moderation.

Our direction has not changed and is clear: to make our product portfolio tastier and healthier every day, and always meet the highest quality requirements, in Singapore and in every corner of the world.