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Nestlé brings the Goodnes of Dairy-Free Oat Milk to Singapore

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  • Naturally sweetened from oats, both variants (OAT and ALMOND & OAT) are a great source of essential nutrients – Calcium and Vitamins B2, B3 and D
  • Now available at FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Redmart, Shopee, and Pandamart

Nestlé Goodnes

SINGAPORE, 6 MAY 2024 – To cater to evolving consumer preferences for nourishing beverages that go beyond dairy, Nestlé Goodnes is showing how its plant-protein beverages are hitting just the right spot with its delicious offerings. 

Newly introduced by Nestlé Singapore as part of its commitment to make more affordable plant-based food and beverages readily available to all Singaporeans, Nestlé Goodnes ticks all the boxes for a delicious tasting plant-protein beverage. Harnessing the health benefits of almonds and oats, the Nestlé Goodnes beverages are lactose free, making them ideal for the increasingly flexitarian diets of consumers.

Alene Ee, Business Manager for MILO and Ready-To-Drink, Nestlé Singapore, said, “Plant- protein based beverages have become increasingly popular in Singapore in recent years. They provide a great alternative for those with dietary constraints and cater to health- conscious consumers. To meet the changing needs of Singaporeans, we have been steadily expanding our offerings and Nestlé Goodnes reaffirms our commitment to crafting a variety of beverages that nourish and delight Singaporeans’ tastebuds.”

High-Quality Ingredients with Great Nutritional Benefits

Nestlé Goodnes can now be enjoyed in two new variants: OAT and ALMOND & OAT. At the heart of Nestlé Goodnes is its natural sweetness derived from hydrolysed oats, without any added sugars (sucrose). This unique formulation is packed with the wholesome goodness of micronutrients like calcium and vitamin D which aids in the development of strong bones, and vitamins B2 and B3, to help with energy release from the food we eat.

Versatile and modestly priced, Nestlé Goodnes can be easily incorporated into our daily lives to meet different needs. One can enjoy its delicious taste on its own, pair it with hot or cold beverages and cereals, and even use it in cooking and baking.

Certified Nutri-Grade B, it is a Healthier Choice beverage that contains no added sugar. Its natural sweetness comes from high-quality oats, which are sourced from Sweden and California, USA.

OAT: Deliciously Creamy with Every Sip

OAT: Deliciously Creamy with Every Sip

OAT has a creamy and velvety texture with a robust taste, making it great for enjoyment on its own and for pairing with coffee or tea.

ALMOND & OAT: Nuttier Flavour Profile

ALMOND & OAT: Nuttier Flavour Profile

With a nuttier taste, ALMOND & OAT is rich and appetising with a lighter texture. The nuttiness of almonds perfectly complements the natural sweetness of oats.

Enjoy Oatsome Morning Goodnes Today

Try out the new Nestlé Goodnes, now available at FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Redmart, Shopee and Pandamart. Each sip is deliciously creamy and best enjoyed chilled and shaken.

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