MILO® Singapore Fuels Back to School Confidence

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MILO® Singapore launched the #MILOGoForIt social movement last December in tandem with the start of the new school term. The two-month long campaign reinforces the need for Singapore's parents to empower their child in overcoming their insecurities and anxieties during this potentially difficult transition, while ensuring their child is properly nourished with a wholesome breakfast that energizes them for school.

Mr Heng Peng Kwang, Marketing Director for Nestlé Singapore explains the rationale behind the campaign: “From our conversations with both children and parents in Singapore, we found that kids typically feel overwhelmed and worried about the new school year. They worry a great deal about fitting in, making new friends, getting along with their teachers and excelling academically."

“These concerns can at times outweigh the child’s excitement about heading back to school. Parents can play a huge role in mitigating such anxieties and this is where the #MILOGoForIt social movement steps in to support parents in championing their little ones during this potentially tricky transition.”

Psychologists and education experts alike have in recent years stressed the role of parents in helping their children overcome their back-to-school fears.

Dr. KC Lee, Counselling Psychologist said: “The first day, or even the first few weeks of school can be overwhelming and it is normal for a child to feel apprehensive and unsure. Before school starts, parents need to take the time to check-in on their child’s emotions and encourage them to voice out any worries they have. Simple words of encouragement and supportive gestures goes a long way in reassuring their child and empowering them with the confidence needed to greet school with optimism.”

To kick start the #MILOGoForIt movement, MILO® Singapore invited all parents with kids between the ages of 7 to 12 years old to write a personal message of encouragement every day to their child during the first few weeks of the new school term. These personalized notes can address specific concerns the child has about school, provide reassurance that the child is not alone and that the child has the ability to ‘go for it’ and overcome challenges and fears.