MILO launches Ready-To-Drink Product with Less Sugar and More Milk, in-line with National Drive to cut Singaporeans’ sugar intake

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  • In support of Health Promotion Board’s sugar reduction initiative, the new MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar was formulated to offer healthier options to Singaporeans
  • The ready-to-drink pack format makes it easier and more convenient for parents to provide more nutritious beverages to their children
MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar
Mr Rajiv Deraniyagala, Managing Director, Nestlé Singapore (Left) and Mr Chow Phee Chat, Regional Head of Communications, Marketing Services, and I&R (Right) presenting the new MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar.

MILO®, the world's leading chocolate malt beverage brand, today launched the new MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar, created in-line with the national push towards increased nutrition and less sugar, while catering to the hectic lifestyles of Singaporean families.

Mr Rajiv Deraniyagala, Managing Director at Nestlé Singapore said, “Recognising the needs of Singaporeans and the shift towards more nutritious diets, MILO® continues to innovate its ever-popular beverage to support its Singapore consumers, while working with the relevant authorities and stakeholders towards the nation-wide goal of curbing sugar intake. The new MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar also reflects Nestlé’s commitment to bring Singaporeans along with us on the journey to grow as a healthier nation.”

Formulated to provide Singaporeans the well-loved taste of MILO®, with the nutrition of milk and half the amount of table sugar, the product is endorsed with Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) for containing less sugar.

Mr Deraniyagala added, “While most of MILO®’s products are already HCS-certified, we continue to do our part further and develop new products that are exciting and relevant, this time alongside national efforts to cut down on sugar, offered in ready to drink packaging. Now, families can continue to enjoy the well-loved taste of MILO® with more milk for that extra calcium boost, as well as with less sugar.”

A packet of MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar now has double the amount of calcium to the equivalent of one glass of fresh milk, contains a 25% increase in protein the same as that of an egg, all on top of eight essential vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, it addresses parents’ needs for alternative healthier products, in the form of a ready-to-drink product with more calcium. It also offers more convenience to them with beverage options for their children, offering both nutrition and an enjoyable taste.

MILO® More Milk and 50% Less Sugar is now available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts, provision stores and online supermarkets. The beverage retails at S$4.45 per cluster of six 200ml packets.

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About MILO®

MILO® has been championing youth sports development in Singapore since 1950s. Through sponsorship of various sports events with institutions such as the Ministry of Education School Sports Council programmes, Singapore Sports Council and People's Association, MILO® aims to nurture our Singapore athletes into national sports heroes.

Produced locally since 1984, the introduction of the new formula in 2006 awarded MILO® with the Healthier Choice status (HCS) endorsement by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. MILO® continues to be in the forefront in meeting Singaporeans’ evolving tastes and the need for healthier and more nutritional products.

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