Young Artists Get Their Big Break on Buses

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Young artists can now look forward to a larger-than-life showcase opportunity - having their artwork ply the streets on a public bus. Organised by KIT KAT and *SCAPE, “Yer Big Break” campaign runs from April to July, and aims to “give a break” to young artists by providing them with highly visible platforms to showcase their ideas.

This campaign aims to recognise changing perceptions and attitudes among today’s youths, as well as their desire to express themselves on multiple platforms. It serves as an innovative opportunity to hear from youths what taking a break means to them. Aspiring artists can submit an artwork that is their interpretation of "Taking a break".

“Taking a break is becoming more important than ever with our hectic lifestyles. The good news is there are so many more creative ways to enjoy some down time. KIT KAT has always been synonymous with the tagline ‘Have a break, have a KIT KAT’ and given our appeal to the youth consumers, it is important we understand how they take a break and how KIT KAT can be relevant to that enjoyable occasion,” said Ms Magdalene Tan, Group Brand Manager, Marketing Confectionery, Nestlé Singapore.

In addition, the competition will engage youths and their peers via both online and offline channels. Submitted artwork will be posted online on *SCAPE’s Facebook page, and the winning entry will be showcased on four buses making their way around Singapore.

Co-organiser, Ms Lynette Lee, Managing Director of *SCAPE, said, "*SCAPE is constantly on the lookout for exciting new stages for young talents, and we are happy that KIT KAT shares our mission to uncover young talents whose works deserve to be seen by more people".

Entries will be chosen based on various criteria, including the creativity level shown, and the relevance to the theme. Ten finalists will be shortlisted and posted online for voting. These ten entries will also be showcased on *SCAPE’s website and the launch of the SHINE Festival.

Kick-starting the competition call-out, commuters can now already eyeball the inspiring works of successful working professionals with a passion for the arts, including Beru Betto and Pure Libre, whose designs cover buses along the city routes.

Interested participants can submit digital samples of their artwork via email to [email protected].
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Please contact the following for media enquiries on:

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6536 6881

Lim Wee Ling
E: [email protected]
M: 9768 6827

Cho Pei Lin
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M: 9684 2563

Annex A: Competition Milestones

Milestones of “Yer Big Break” are:

Submission of Entries (April to June)
Participants can submit individual or team (up to three members) entries online, from now to 20th June, of a visual interpretation of what “Having a Break” means to them. The organisers are looking out for entries that are highly creative and have strong aesthetic appeal, relevant to the theme, and can be applied to a real life product in a simple and clever way. Entries are to be sent to [email protected].

Judging and Public Voting of Entries (June – July)
Ten of the best entries will be shortlisted. The winning entry will be selected based on online public voting.

Showcase in SHINE Festival and *SCAPE (July)
Shortlisted entries will be showcased at this year’s SHINE Festival’s launch, held on Orchard Road in July. They will be displayed in *SCAPE’s premises, and transformed into actual consumer products. Proceeds from the sale of these products will go towards the *SCAPE Youth Fund.

Annex B: About the Artists Featured on the Buses

As part of the promotion efforts, three artists, successful working professionals with a passion for the arts, have been invited to kick-start the competition on three buses. Using an art form of their choice – graffiti, comics, pop art, the artists came up with their visual interpretations of what “Having a Break” meant to them.

Mohamed Nor Azhar (Pure Libre)

"Armed with an optical mouse or maybe a tablet, a macbook worthy of museum artifact. Insanity at its best and a nice cup of sky juice on the rocks. Along comes an insane freak.”

Mohamed Nor Azhar aka Pure Libre, a Singapore true blood, started experimenting graffiti and street art in 2005 and has not look back since. He was heavily influenced by street style and now tries to separate his art from other graffiti artists. Being small and unrecognized, Pure Libre has driven his passion in numerous competitions and commission works with big brands and street names such as Nokia 180 Chairs Street Design Works, FleshImp Clothing, SMRT Street Art Competition, Singapore Youth Olympic Street Art, The Cathay Graffiti Competition among other participation.

His Diverse and multi discipline endeavour has gained him some awards and recognition in his fields. His first TV documentary debut in Suria in 2010, he was also selected as featured artist for Noise Singapore Exhibition and Showcase on the magazines, murals and digital artwork.

Currently working as a full time artist and art educator under Cartoon.SG, he now dwells in the art form of Caricature and characters with hope to be able to diversify his love for graffiti, street art and caricature to create more eye candy and original works. As he continues to embark on the yellow brick road, he keeps himself sane by chanting "Expect The Unexpected and Do The Unexpected"

Joanne Loo (Beru Betto)

Beru Betto is an illustrator, crafter and ice cream monster. Her craft works and tutorials involve re-using 'junk' to create new re-usable objects, and other fun DIY projects. Beru Betto believes that the many unwanted objects people normally discard can be transformed into entirely new works of art. Her proudest achievements include appearing in OMY Blog Awards 2010's top ten finalist for Individual category, NOISE exhibits, and on U-Weekly magazine supplements. Her featured craft works include customizing sneakers totorials, 'DIY Toilet Roll Pixel Boy' and 'Customized Chandelier Bottles'.

Besides sharing these crafty DIY ideas with others on her blog, Beru Betto also enjoys illustration and gets most of her inspiration while day-dreaming, and from her favourite artists such as Rolitoland and Takashi Murakami. Illustration is Beru Betto's first love, and this is how she keeps her creative juices running.

Beru Betto is currently an Art Director in a Gaming/Social Network Company.

Rayner Lim (Da Rat)

Rayner got interested in pop art since the 90s. He fell in love with the Dada movement, and the rebellious nature of anti-art movements, since he was exposed to it in college. To him, “I see pop art as the progression of anti-art movements into the context of art for that era”. He is a creative partner at an advertising agency.

Annex C: About *SCAPE

*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit social enterprise whose building is homebase to diverse communities of interest, from urban sports to music, dance, lifestyle and visual arts groups. Through its unique ecosystem of facilities, programmes and partners, *SCAPE provides platforms for young talents to create, showcase and collaborate in their areas of passion, and give them a place to call their own.

A first of its kind concept, *SCAPE also embraces a Social Retail Colony, with a community of retailers sharing the organisation’s ideology: youth development. Through initiatives by *SCAPE and the retailers themselves, the organization hopes to cultivate a network of active, socially responsible and dynamic Singapore youth.

Since its Official Launch in June 2010, *SCAPE has seen more than 850,000 footfalls in the building, involving close to 400,000 youth through *SCAPE’s many events and programmes over approximately 2,315 event days. Its largest event out of 63 signature events to date was the *SCAPE Halloween Carnival, engaging more than 28,000 young people.

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