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Mar 05, 2011

Students and their parents were all winners at 2011 MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon

2011 MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon
Sentosa Siloso Beach buzzing with green energy
Sentosa Siloso Beach buzzing with green energy.
The 2011 MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon held in March was a great success!

Sentosa Siloso Beach was buzzing with green energy from the early morning till afternoon as participants took to the sea, sand and roads with their families and friends cheering on.

In its 3rd year running, this year’s event had participants from both local and international schools. An impressive 1,378 participants turned up for Singapore’s largest youth-triathlon which comprised 1,255 local students, 106 international students and 17 parents. Maris Stella High School turned up with the largest contingent of 138 participants and walked home with a special award for their sheer enthusiasm and support.

The Family Relay event received encouraging number of participants.
The Family Relay event received encouraging
number of participants.
New to this year’s MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon was the Family Relay that received an encouraging number of over 40 participants! Instead of cheering their children from the sidelines, families participated in the triathlon together, and made this event not only a sporting event, but also a family bonding opportunity.

The purpose of the MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon goes beyond encouraging youths to get active; it aims to teach them that sports is important as part of their holistic development. The organizers also strived to put across the message that sports is also about finishing the race. All participants who finished the race went home with medals and a personalised certificate for completing the triathlon.

The 2011 MILO-MOE Youth Triathlon may have ended but already there have been requests for a ‘veteran’ event to encourage active aging.

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