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Jun 02, 2011

Young artists get their Big Break on buses!

Young artists Big Break on buses!
Yer Big Break! design on buses
Imagine having your artwork ply the streets on a public bus!
Calling out to all young artistic budding talents in Singapore! You can now look forward to a larger-than-life showcase opportunity – imagine having your artwork ply the streets on a public bus! Organised by KIT KAT and *SCAPE, “Yer Big Break” campaign runs from April to July, and aims to “give a break” to young artists by providing them with highly visible platforms to showcase their ideas.

This campaign aims to recognize the changing perceptions and attitudes among today’s youths, as well as their desire to express themselves on multiple platforms. It also serves as an innovative opportunity to hear from the youths of today what taking a break means to them as they can now submit artworks that represents their own personal interpretations of "Taking a break".

In addition, the competition will also be reaching out to the youths and their peers via both online and offline channels such as in-school activations at tertiary institutions as well as in-store promotional collaterals at all major retail supermarkets and convenience stores. Kick-starting the competition call-out, commuters can now already eyeball the inspiring works of successful working professionals with a passion for the arts, including Beru Betto and Pure Libre, whose designs cover buses along the city routes.

Submitted artwork will be posted online on *SCAPE’s Facebook page, and the winning entry will be showcased on four buses making their way around Singapore! Entries will be chosen based on various criteria, including the creativity level shown, and the relevance to the theme. Ten finalists will then be shortlisted and posted online for voting. These ten entries will also be showcased on *SCAPE’s website.

Interested and keen then to get your own big break? Check out our contest page as well as our KIT KAT blog at From July onwards, KIT KAT also encourages everyone to visit the *SCAPE Facebook page and vote for their favorite finalist and help give him or her a big break! Check out too what bloggers think of the “Yer Big Break” campaign and the creative ways in which they take their breaks. There are also $200 KIT KAT hampers up for grabs! So have a break, have a KIT KAT!

“Yer Big Break” campaign aims to “give a break” to young artists, runs from April to July.
Submitted artwork will be posted online on *SCAPE’s Facebook page.
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