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May 27, 2011

NESCAFÉ at License 2 Play 2011

NESCAFÉ at License 2 Play 2011
Valerio Nannini and Guan Yu
Valerio is having a chat over coffee.
License 2 Play 2011, the largest gaming event in Singapore played host to over 200,000 visitors, with Café NESCAFÉ serving more than 11,000 cups of delicious NESCAFÉ coffee!

The biggest gaming event in Singapore, License 2 Play 2011 drew almost 200,000 youth over 3 days of non-stop gaming action with adrenalin-pumping competitions, launches, and game showcases. Participation in this event was part of our strategy to connect with the youth, the coffee drinkers of the next generation. For the enthusiasts who could not attend the event, they stayed tuned in to the many exciting activities happening at Café NESCAFÉ through live streaming videos uploaded from the event onto the internet.

“Kick Start Every Gaming Experience With NESCAFÉ!” was the slogan at Café NESCAFÉ, a chic coffee bar setup offering our favourite coffee with a twist! With the help of baristas, the public were treated to a unique offering of our signature NESCAFÉ coffee topped with a layer of cold delicious flavoured whipped cream.

NESCAFÉ at License 2 Play 2011
Café NESCAFÉ served more than 11,000 cups of delicious NESCAFÉ coffee at License 2 Play 2011.

By the end of the event, Café NESCAFÉ had served over 11,000 cups! The guests were also treated to Nestle’s all time favourite snacks such as KIT KAT, Uncle Toby’s and MILO Energy Bars.

Another key feature of the event were the illustrious cosplayers, with the likes of Storm Troopers, Obi Wan Kanobe and Darth Vader from Star Wars, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy and Zabuza from Naruto, all coming to CAFÉ NESCAFÉ for an irresistible cup of coffee. During the event, Café NESCAFÉ held Street Fighter competitions, daring the crowd to take on the resident gaming experts. For the lucky ones who managed to defeat the pros, they walked away with a limited edition NESCAFÉ medal and goodie bag. Chun Li also made special appearances at Café NESCAFÉ, taking on challengers and posing for pictures. In our NESCAFÉ grand lucky draw, one lucky winner walked away with a cool MacBook Air!

The gaming event may have ended, but the NESCAFÉ experience lingers. We hope everyone had a great time throughout the event and remember- kick start every gaming experience with NESCAFÉ!

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