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Mar 16, 2012

The First of 100 Wishes: 71 year-old Mdm Yeo learns to make professional coffee

The First of 100 Wishes
The First of 100 WishesThe First of 100 Wishes: 71 year-old Mdm Yeo learns to make professional coffee.

Nestlé kick-start the Nestlé 100 Wishes project on 16 March 2012 by fulfilling the wish of 71 year-old Madam Yeo Kim Teck, whose wish was to learn how to make professional coffee. The Nestlé 100 Wishes project is part of Nestlé’s 100th year celebrations in Singapore.

Nestlé arranged for NESCAFÉ Gold professional barista, Mr Tan Wee Beng to teach Madam Yeo how to make professional coffee where she learnt finer points of coffee making, such as coffee art, coffee education, and the preparation of various types of coffee. Her son, Mr Kua Boon Chye and her granddaughter were also present during the training session.

“I have always wanted to learn a new skill and expressed this interest to my son. I love drinking and making coffee, but never knew how to make the coffee that they served in cafés. It was my wish to learn how to make coffee professionally and share it with my loved ones,” said Mdm Yeo as to why she made the wish.

Mdm Yeo’s love for Nestlé spanned a course of many years. Growing up, she regularly had Milkmaid Milk, commonly know then as “Ang Zi Gu Ni” (红字牛奶), a substitute for formula milk that she says her family was too poor to afford. Carrying that fond childhood memory, she naturally chose NESCAFÉ when she developed a love for coffee.

“I am very happy to have learnt how to make professional coffee at home. I enjoyed every bit of the lesson and found it very interesting and easy to grasp. I never thought to have learnt such a skill at my age. Now I can try this new skill at home for my family and friends,” chirped an enthusiastic Mdm Yeo.

The Nestlé 100 Wishes project is a part of Nestlé’s 100th birthday celebration, where Nestlé will fulfill the wishes of a 100 lucky individuals throughout the year. These wishes should reflect the theme of “Good Food, Good Life”. If you ever wanted a celebrity chef to whip up a sumptuous meal for you and your loved ones, or have Nestlé make a donation to a charity you support, simply visit http://www.Nestlé and let us know!

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