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Jul 19, 2011

Me and my MILO

Me and my MILO
Come Experience Health and You 2011
"I am 60 years old and MILO has
 kept me strong through my years
of physical work as a landscape contractor."
First sold in the 1950s and locally produced since 1984, MILO has come a long way to where it is today. Fondly known as "tak-kiu" (literally translated as "kick ball" in Hokkein) in the local coffee shops here, MILO has become a household name in many Singaporean families with a close connection to many who have grown up with this favourite chocolate malt drink.

And now, for the first time, MILO takes this relationship with the consumer a little further by asking them to express for themselves what MILO means to them – with no direction, no supervision and no instructions from us, we asked consumers from all walks of life to talk to us in a way that would best depict this bond.

Working with agency eYeka and their co-creating community, we received videos, photos, stories, illustrations and drawings that were inspiring and heartfelt.

MILO - Singaporean's favourite chocolate malt beverage
"While having so much fun at sea, our favourite drink MILO (Easy Cool), is just what we need to cool us off; always making us feel so refreshed and ready - for more fun and excitement! Yesssss, MILO is just awesomely gooood!"

We extended it into our MILO Facebook Fan page to allow our 50,000+ MILO fans to express their love for MILO through a customized online photo contest. They would not only upload their favourite photos of themselves with MILO but to also pen down a message of what MILO means to them and share it with us and the rest of the fans.

It's marvelous what MILO can do for you - we've said this in a lot of our communication but now know that it bears meaning not just to us but also to the many people who consume MILO everyday knowing that we are really more than just another chocolate malt beverage.




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