'MILO Cares! @ South East' is back to give

Sep 2, 2011
MILO Cares
The guest of honour, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, MP of Mountbatten SMC and Advisor to Mountbatten GRO opening the event.
MILO Cares
Mass skipping to raise funds for charity!
MILO Cares
The happy group at the event.
MILO Cares
Sampling MILO Easy Cool! It’s our innovative new product which can dissolve in cold water.
MILO Cares
Watching a freestyle soccer performance by the Urban Street team!
'MILO Cares! @ South East' 2011 is back! This year, the 10-week MILO Cares! @ South East programme seeks to raise $28,000 worth of MILO products for 2,000 needy students in the South East District.

Adopting the South East Community Development Council's (CDC) thrust of 5E Approach to Community Volunteerism, MILO Cares! @ South East programme engages 10,000 student volunteers from 28 schools in the South East District to achieve 1 million skips and 30,000 soccer jugs to raise MILO products.

From 25th July to 26th Sept, the District will see students skipping in schools not just for fun, but for a greater cause.

Nestlé Singapore Pte. Ltd. will sponsor $28,000 worth of MILO products as part of its commitment and contribution to the needy in the community.

“MILO hopes to use an opportunity like MILO Cares! @ South East to enable students to help their fellow students. We are very proud to be part of this meaningful event, and give back to the community using sports as a platform. MILO has always been a champion of sports and sports development and with this, Singapore's favourite energy beverage can play a part in giving back to Singaporeans. The enthusiasm and willingness of the students to be a part of this is indeed inspiring and heartwarming,” said Goh Lay Kwan, Senior Brand Manager of MILO Singapore.

In conjunction with the launch of MILO Cares! @ South East 2011, Northlight School's young beneficiaries from past years' MILO Cares! @ South East Project returned to form a team of 20 to pay-it-forward and skip for more beneficiaries and needy students in their school. These students who refuse to only be recipients of the programme will come together, and prove to be givers as well.