Nestle Supports a Healthier Singapore

Nestlé Supports a Healthier Singapore

All your favourite Nestlé beverages including MILO®, NESCAFE®, NESTUM® and OMEGA® contain less than 12% sugar. To support Singapore’s efforts to build a healthier nation, we are continuously investing in research and development to further reduce sugar and enhance nutrients in our products.

NEW MILO® Gao Siew Dai

Introducing the all-new MILO® Gao Siew Dai with stronger MILO® taste, 50% less table sugar and 30% more protein!

MILO® Gao Siew Dai features a stronger MILO® taste with 50% less table sugar and 30% more protein, giving you the best of both worlds!

Packed with the goodness of MILO: Protomalt, milk and cocoa, new MILO® Gao Siew Dai comes in convenient satchets, providing busy adults with the energy to go further!.. More