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A Young Boy’s Act of Kindness Inspires MILO to Appreciate Unsung Heroes This Lunar New Year

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Buddy shows his love for the unsung heroes around him with a MILO drink. Photo credit: @lifestinymiracles


For many Singaporeans, the Lunar New Year is a time of celebration and reunion with our loved ones. While we’re busy preparing for the festivities, how many of us have thought of spreading the festive cheer to the unsung heroes around us? A five-year-old boy, Buddy, has gone the extra mile by distributing MILO packet drinks to the construction workers, cleaners and security guards in his neighbourhood, a simple act of kindness that touched the hearts of the recipients.

Inspired by Buddy’s act of love, MILO Singapore decided to join in and spread the festive cheer this Lunar New Year by surprising workers at a few dormitories with the well-loved MILO van, which has nourished generations of Singaporeans with the goodness of milk, malt, vitamins and minerals.

Mr Chow Phee Chat, Regional Head of Communications, Marketing Services, and Innovation & Renovation, Nestlé Malaysia and Singapore said, “MILO has always been supportive of the community in Singapore. When we heard about Buddy’s meaningful initiative, we felt inspired to do our part. By sharing the goodness of MILO with these workers, we hope that they will feel energized and appreciated for their contributions to the nation.”

Over 6,000 cups of cold delicious MILO were distributed to delighted workers who were visibly tired but perked up at the sight of the MILO van. MILO’s efforts were greatly appreciated by the workers who felt acknowledged and recognized. Yusri Zal, 25, a worker who lives in Homestay Lodge said, “This is a nice thing that MILO has done. I enjoyed the drink very much.”

MILO will continue to send more MILO vans to recognize unsung heroes throughout the Lunar New Year period. Members of the public who would like to provide suggestions on where to send the MILO van can leave a comment on MILO’s Facebook page post here.

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