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Nestlé Singapore Advisory on Job Scams

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We have been notified of false and misleading postings on social media (e.g. Facebook) relating to non-existent job openings offered in the name of Nestlé Singapore.

Please be informed that these false and misleading job postings are not authorised by Nestlé Singapore. Nestlé will not request for cash or any similar benefits from any third parties in connection with any job opportunities in Nestlé.

If you encounter similar unsolicited job postings claiming to represent Nestlé Singapore:

  • DO NOT contact the user who published the posting.
  • DO NOT provide any personal details (including any financial information) or make any payments.
  • DO NOT click onto any suspicious links embedded within the posting.
  • DO NOT share the posting.

In case of any doubt or should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Nestlé Consumer Services at or toll-free phone number 800 6011 633.

Please share this advisory with your family or friends who may have encountered similar postings.