Take a Break from Social Media Stress with KIT KAT

Jul 1, 2012
Take a Break from Social Media Stress with KIT KAT
Take a Break from Social Media Stress with KIT KAT.
A survey of 19 to 26-year-olds; conducted in China, Singapore and the U.S. by JWT Singapore, found that over 50% of young adults find it too time consuming to keep up with all their social media commitments, and concede the time they spend on social networking sites has had a negative impact on their job or studies. Nearly half feel more stressed by their social media commitments now compared to a year ago – and say that managing these commitments has become a chore.

As such, who better to bring much-needed breaks to youths in the online world than KIT KAT, a brand famed for its long history of giving great breaks to millions of people around the world? Reclaim your breaks today with the KIT KAT Social Break Widget.

The Social Break Widget gives youths a break from social media stress. The innovative Kit Kat Social Break Widget spares you the pressure of hitting the Like, Re-tweet or Share button every time you are tagged in a post. Simply turn on the widget, log into your social media accounts and tune out from the stress of social networking whenever you feel you need a break.

Visit www.kitkat.com.sg/socialbreak for more information and to download the widget.