MILKYBAR was launched in Singapore in 2001. MILKYBAR is about goodness, wholesomeness and the innate purity of milk. It is deliciously smooth and creamy which makes it a tasty and milky treat for both adults and children.

MILKYBAR Milk & Cookies
Filled with delicious cookies bits in a white chocolate bar, MILKYBAR Milk and Cookies combines the crunchiness of cookies with decadently smooth milk chocolate making MILKYBAR Milk and Cookies a irresistible treat for everyone.

Available in 37g bar and Sharebag (17x5g)

MILKYBAR Double Berry
MILKYBAR Double Berries combines the delight of white chocolate with the fruity flavor of berries. Filled with wholesome berries in a white chocolate bar, it is a delicious and wholesome treat for both young and old.

Available in 37g bar and 15g bar.