Have a break, have a KIT KAT

Created in 1935 in UK, KIT KAT was first known as Rowntree Chocolate Crisp. Two years later, the name was changed to the iconic moniker of
KIT KAT as we know it today. And in 1988,
KIT KAT became a key part of Nestlé’s range of confectionery products.

Today, “Have a break, have a KIT KAT” has become a celebrated catch phrase which aptly describes the enjoyment of the chocolate-coated wafers whenever one needs to chill out, whether at work or at play!

Here’s how to have a break...KIT KAT style:

  • Tear the KIT KAT wrapper along the tear strip.
  • Break off the wafer fingers one at a time.
  • Snap a wafer finger in half and enjoy!

Take a break with KIT KAT and enjoy the great taste and enjoyment of the perfect balance of chocolate and wafer today!

KIT KAT Fingers

The classic KIT KAT chocolate coated wafers comes in both 2 Fingers or 4 Fingers variants long enjoyed and loved as a delightful snack for break times.

Also available in other formats:

  • Sharebags 12 x 17g
  • Multipack: 5x45g

KIT KAT Chunky

KIT KAT Chunky Best of the Best
New KIT KAT Chunky Best of the Best contains three different flavours in 1 bar: Gooey Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Fudge and smothered in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. Get one today!

KIT KAT Chunky Cookies and Cream
We all know the best comfort foods in world are Cookies & Cream and Chocolates! Imagine if we could combine these two items together? Introducing KIT KAT Chunky Cookies and Cream! It is a highly innovative quality product that you will definitely love. Sink your teeth into the solid thick quality chocolate bar and you will find a surprise waiting for you. A burst of cookies and cream crumbles which is something to look forward for. It is a mixture of everything good in a single bite. So scrumptious that you will need to have another.

KIT KAT Chunky Hazelnut
For all the Hazelnut lovers, this revolutionary product awaits you. Using the highest quality of chocolate and hazelnuts, it is an experience that could not be missed. Have a bite of the chocolate, then experience a wonderful sensation as it goes smoothly down your throat. The taste of chocolate and hazelnut goes so well together that you will definitely crave for more. Not forgetting the quality crispy wafer center that crumbles when you take your first bite. A simple product with a heavenly experience, grab it at the nearest stores and savor it.

KIT KAT Chunky (White)

KIT KAT Chunky White 48g was launched as the additional choice from the Chunky range – providing white chocolate lovers a unique combination of white chocolate with a crisp crunchy wafer.


Delicious milk chocolate and crisp light wafer in bite- sized pieces for you to share with a friend.


Specially made for you, KIT KAT RUBIES are cut out for those who want a break to savour the finest life has to offer. KIT KAT RUBIES are crafted with the finest ingredients. Each precious gem is layered with rich chocolate truffle, a crispy wafer center and pieces of hazelnut encased in smooth milk chocolate. 


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