Have a break, have a KIT KAT
Created in 1935 in UK, KIT KAT was first known as Rowntree Chocolate Crisp. Two years later, the name was changed to the iconic moniker of
KIT KAT as we know it today. And in 1988,
KIT KAT became a key part of Nestlé’s range of confectionery products.

Today, “Have a break, have a KIT KAT” has become a celebrated catch phrase which aptly describes the enjoyment of the chocolate-coated wafers whenever one needs to chill out, whether at work or at play!

Here’s how to have a break...KIT KAT style:

  • Tear the KIT KAT wrapper along the tear strip.
  • Break off the wafer fingers one at a time.
  • Snap a wafer finger in half and enjoy!
Take a break with KIT KAT and enjoy the great taste and enjoyment of the perfect balance of chocolate and wafer today!

KIT KAT Fingers
The classic KIT KAT chocolate coated wafers comes in both 2 Fingers or 4 Fingers variants long enjoyed and loved as a delightful snack for break times.

Also available in other formats:

  • Multipack 6x17g
  • Sharebags 12 x 17g
  • Multipack: 5x45g
KIT KAT Chunky
The popularity of KIT KAT resulted in the launch of KIT KAT Chunky 50g – the famous crisp crunchy wafer enveloped in thicker chocolate coating in a bigger size, giving a greater sense of indulgence and satisfaction to KIT KAT lovers.

KIT KAT Chunky (White)
KIT KAT Chunky White 48g was launched as the additional choice from the Chunky range – providing white chocolate lovers a unique combination of white chocolate with a crisp crunchy wafer.

KIT KAT Bites Dark
Did you know that research has proven that having a short break from your routine helps to reduce stress? With the launch of the new KIT KAT BITES DARK, we now give you another great reason to have a break. Delicious dark chocolate and crisp, light wafer perfectly balanced in bite-size pieces for you to share with a friend.
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